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Today, July 20th is the 93rd anniversary of the founding of FIDE in Paris, France in 1924 and the 51st anniversary of the International Chess Day proposed by UNESCO in 1966. Chess is the only sport which has a special worldwide celebration day dedicated to it. It is a unique game that unites people over the globe. Chess is more than just a sport, it is art, culture and science as well.
FIDE has 188 countries as members. It’s goal is to raise the number of the chess players in the world up to at least one billion. The “Chess in Schools” project is a high priority of FIDE and is being implemented in many countries.

Gens una sumus ! - We are one family !



    Le samedi 9 Février 2019 aura lieu le Troisième PANAFRICAIN de Scrabble
    Rendez vous à la maison du quartier Salam à partir de 15h.

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